The World’s Top 5 Best Nobu Restaurants You Must Visit

In the distinguished sphere of haute cuisine and bespoke dining, one name echoes with resounding prestige—Nobu. This famed dining empire, conceived by the creative genius of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, actor Robert De Niro, and producer Meir Teper, has crafted a niche for itself synonymous with unrivaled culinary excellence, architectural marvel, and an ambiance exuding relaxed refinement.

Pursuitist 5-Star Gold AwardAs your dedicated gourmet confidants, we at Pursuitist have embarked on a global epicurean expedition to sift through the numerous Nobu establishments, curating a list of the top five best Nobu destinations that should be on your travel itinerary.


Nobu Malibu

  1. Nobu Malibu

Pursuitist Overview: Embracing Malibu’s scenic coastal beauty, Nobu Malibu marries panoramic ocean vistas with an exceptional culinary voyage, making it a premier destination for discerning diners.

Key Features:

A mesmerizing ocean-front location A comprehensive menu encapsulating signature Nobu creations Artfully crafted cocktails A charming alfresco lounge and patio Benefits:

Revel in stunning ocean panoramas while indulging in gastronomic delights Experience the intersection of casual elegance and luxury in the heart of Malibu Relish an unforgettable dining experience in an elegant outdoor setting

  1. Nobu London Shoreditch

Pursuitist Overview: Nobu London Shoreditch resonates with East London’s pulsating energy, entwining it effortlessly with the time-honored Nobu ethos. The experience is enhanced by an avant-garde architectural design that accommodates a capacious 240-seat dining area.

Key Features:

Situated in the lively Shoreditch precinct An innovative menu featuring Nobu’s classics alongside Shoreditch exclusives A beautifully landscaped garden and an exclusive sake suite Benefits:

Plunge into a one-of-a-kind Nobu experience, imbued with London’s vibrant culinary culture Explore an exclusive menu featuring locally-inspired creations Enjoy world-class dining amidst a blend of modern elegance and rustic charm

  1. Nobu Miami

Pursuitist Overview: Nobu Miami, situated within the Eden Roc Hotel, merges Miami’s spirited flamboyance with Nobu’s commitment to superior culinary offerings. Every menu item, from sushi to sake, resonates with Nobu’s unwavering commitment to quality.

Key Features:

An alluring beachfront location A diverse menu showcasing Nobu’s signature dishes alongside Miami exclusives A chic bar and lounge area Benefits:

Experience culinary innovation in an enticing beachfront setting Relish a diverse menu featuring dishes that embody Miami’s unique tropical flavors Immerse yourself in a variety of artisanal cocktails and a comprehensive sake selection

  1. Nobu Tokyo

Pursuitist Overview: Nobu Tokyo infuses its design and menu with traditional Japanese aesthetics. The Japan-exclusive dishes present a culinary voyage, combining local flavors with Nobu’s innovative culinary techniques.

Key Features:

Centrally located in the bustling Minato ward A menu featuring Nobu classics alongside Tokyo exclusives An interior design that harmonizes traditional and contemporary Japanese aesthetics Benefits:

Indulge in an authentic Nobu experience in its homeland Unearth a unique menu featuring Japan-exclusive dishes Delight in the synergy of traditional and modern aesthetics in a sumptuous setting

  1. Nobu Doha

Pursuitist Overview: Nobu Doha, the world’s largest Nobu, showcases an architectural masterpiece inspired by ancient Arabian fishing nets. This extravagant restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel Doha sets a new benchmark in dining luxury.

Key Features:

The world’s largest Nobu restaurant Intricate Arabian-inspired architecture Signature Nobu dishes with a Qatari twist Breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf Benefits:

Experience a fusion of Japanese and Qatari cuisine within an architectural marvel Indulge in signature Nobu dishes infused with Qatari flavors Enjoy panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf from the restaurant


Nobu’s distinct dining locales, each ensconced in their unique cultural milieu, epitomize culinary sophistication and architectural artistry. As connoisseurs of luxury dining, we’ve partaken in gastronomic journeys worldwide and these five Nobu restaurants have emerged as our absolute favorites. Each establishment perfectly captures the Nobu spirit, offering not just a dining experience, but a culinary narrative that interweaves culture, architecture, and gastronomy.

From the captivating coastal allure of Nobu Malibu to the energetic charm of London’s Nobu Shoreditch, from the tropical enticement of Nobu Miami to the authentic grandeur of Nobu Tokyo, and the magnificence of the world’s largest Nobu in Doha—each locale provides a distinct experience that exemplifies the pinnacle of luxury dining. In the pursuit of the extraordinary, we unreservedly recommend these top five Nobu locations to those who seek the very best.

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